Friday, July 3, 2015

Feeling human again

 July 3. Feeling almost human again.  I left Sacramento at 8 AM on June 30 for the three hour drive to the city; waited three hours to board sat for 10 hours to Amsterdam; six hour layover there, then six and half more to Accra; two hours through immigration, finding my guide and getting to bed.  So, just about 30 hours in transit!

In Accra, we disembarked via stairs, so  after 30 hou rs inside vehicles or buildings, the effect of the weather and smells was powerful. The humidity was about 90 %; the smell I recognized from 50 years ago when all the houses in mgy neighborhood were heated by coal.  Here, coal is used widely for cooking fires.  The effect of the smell was disorienting (that and sleep deprivation!)

Thursday, up at 6 AM to leave at 7 AM for a two and a half hour van ride to Cape Coast. The rest is mostly a fog; slept off and on for the rest of the day.

The world looks quite different here:
Hands-free carrying technique.
Restaurant (and Chelsea FC supporter! Look closely at the taxi.)
And art is valued in spite of other needs.

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  1. What a brutal itinerary! Will the return trip be as long?

    Great pictures, and lots of interesting details. Looking forward to more posts...