Thursday, July 9, 2015

Getting control (a bit)

It has been nearly a week since I last posted--not a good practice for keeping up readership--but has happened.  I'll catch us up with a series of shorter posts and some pictures.

July 4 (Saturday).  I spent the morning working on material for my workshops (if you want to see what I've done, click here.).  In the early afternoon,  I received a surprise visit from my friend William Nketsia whom you met in the first posting.He was passing through Cape Coast and stopped to say hello and introduce his brother.

Later, Mr. Biney and Mr. Prah took me to the Cape Coast Castle for a tour.  The tour was a moving experience. The Castle was the departure point for slaves making the "middle passage" to new world. The conditions and treatment of the slave was so inhumane as to be barely comprehensible.  This Castle possessed the "Door of No Return." I won't forget the experience.

The Castle at Cape Coast
Escape would have been difficult and if one did, where would one go?
This cell was used to execute slaves who misbehaved by suffocation! I was inside for about three mnutes
and felt I would suffocate within about 15 minutes--it was truly awful.
The irony of having this experience on the day we celebrate independence and freedom in the US; it is particularly rich given the backdrop of racism as it continues in the US.

On a brighter note, here two of my colleagues and friends:
This Mr. Prah, CTS Administrator
This is Mr. Biney, Librarian (Online Resources)

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